Are Steroids As Dangerous As The Media Portrays

For the longest time, we have heard from the media how bad and dangerous steroids are to our health. The fact that governments all over the world have banned the selling and use of steroids does not help matters. It only proves that these allegations are actually true.

However, the real question remains unanswered; are steroids really as dangerous as the media portrays? This article will explore possible responses to this question. There is, however, no definitive yes or no answer to this question because despite all that we have been told, millions of bodybuilders, athletes, and powerlifters still use steroids with no adverse effects whatsoever.

Facts about steroids

Steroids are meant to change our hormonal makeup. This means that use of steroids alters the way our bodies normally function. However, these alterations and changes are what people usually want because they give them the desired results. Increases in size, strength, lean muscle, and in some cases, reduced weight, are just some of these outcomes. Without steroids, it would be extremely difficult to make these achievements.


While anything that interferes with normal body function could be harmful, when it comes to steroid use, the media exaggerates the possible harms and dangers they pose. But with proper dosing and cycling, it is possible to gain desired results without experiencing any of the adverse effects of steroids.

This is not to say that it is okay to use steroids. There is a reason they are classified as banned substances in the United States. However, if you would still want to use them, here are some things you need to consider before you make a purchase.

What is said has some truth – Even though the media exaggerates the dangers steroids pose to its users, the allegations are usually based on facts. Steroids change the way your body functions. It, therefore, means that they could be harmful and even fatal if abused.

Government bans point to possible dangers – All over the world, many governments have prohibited the buying, selling, possession, and use of steroids. Additionally, professional sports bodies forbid their participants from using steroids and other performance improvement substances. These bans only go to show that steroids could actually be as harmful as they are portrayed and should be avoided or used with caution.

Some side effects could be permanent – With proper usage, the side effects of steroids can be minimized or even avoided altogether. However, if overdosed or used for prolonged periods of time, side effects will be present. If ignored, some of these side effects like virilization could become permanent. For female athletes especially, this could hurt their femininity.


Even thought what the media says about steroids and their use could have some truth in it, steroids are not necessarily dangerous. If used carefully and in moderation, they help bridge a gap that could have otherwise taken years to get, though.

In the end, the answer to whether steroids are really dangerous lies with the individual. It boils down to a personal decision; to use steroids in moderation and achieve the possible benefits, or abuse them, and discover that the media could be right after all.