How To Spot The Best Tanning Tablets

If you’re keen to avoid the perils of tanning under UV rays but don’t want to forfeit a golden glow, tanning tablets might provide the solution.

Unlike fake tan, there’s no messy applications and no streaking for white patches making them the perfect alternative.

But not all tanning tablets are the same so before you reach for the shelf, make sure that you’re about to buy the real deal. Here’s what to look for.


Safe ingredients

If you’re popping a pill you need to know that what you are swallowing is completely safe and won’t cause any nasty side effects.

The best brands, such as Spa Tanning Tablets, contain all natural ingredients and don’t rely on any chemicals or artificial substances. This means that not only do they work with the body to produce the very best natural tan, they’ll also be gentle and kind.

In addition, all of the ingredients in Spa Tanning Tablets have been approved as safe for use by the FDA. This is absolutely vital as it means that you have the peace of mind of knowing that everything in the pills has been tested and checked first.


tanning-perfectionOne of the problems most commonly associated with fake tan is the unnatural colour; looking more Tango than tanned isn’t ideal!

Because tanning tablets work with the body to produce a natural glow, you won’t get a nasty orange tinge…providing you choose brands which contain the right ingredients.

A good example is Spa Tanning Tablets because they contain PABA and copper, two natural ingredients which combine to produce a bronzed appearance that looks just like you have been sunbathing.

Crucially, Spa Tanning Tablets don’t contain beta-carotene or canthaxanthin – and these are the ingredients you want to avoid. They may be safe to use but the end result is more likely to be an artificial-looking orange than the natural tan you’re seeking.

A little extra help

Although you might primarily be looking to get tanned, some brands of tanning tablets can provide some additional health benefits too.

The inclusion of PABA may be crucial for good tanning, but it can also help to provide the body against inflammation. Silica, an ingredient derived from oats and barley, is believed to assist the digestive system while also helping to prevent Alzheimer’s too. And L-Tyrosine, an essential amino acid, protects the thyroid and promotes nerve health.

So while you’re working on looking your best, you could actually be helping to boost your body too.

Buy the best

If you’re looking for Spa tanning tablets, Spa are one of the best brands on the market which you can purchase on the official website.

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