The Effects of Anavar on Men and Women

Oxandrolone or Oxandrin is an oral anabolic steroid that is most popularly known as Anavar. It is also one of the most popular steroids by athletes and bodybuilders alike because of its well-tolerated nature. This means that users of Anavar are less likely to suffer from side effects when using it – if any.

Apart from its steroidal properties, Anavar has also been used in the medical world to treat several ailments. It is, however, mostly used as a prescription drug for people with severe weight loss after an illness, surgery or other condition that would result in loss of weight. It is also used as a medication for asthma and osteoporosis.

Effects on athletes

As a steroid, Anavar is most loved because of its lack of estrogenic side effects. This means that a user will not experience water retention and any mass gained as a result of using Anavar is usually lean muscle mass.

Interestingly, Anavar has very different outcomes when used by men and women. More on this is discussed in the sections below.

Anavar and men

While Anavar is generally a great steroid for everyone, its effects are less pronounced in men meaning that a man cannot have an Anavar only cycle. In most cases, it is used with other steroids to give the desired results. This has led to it being unappreciated especially by male athletes and bodybuilders.

In addition to this, men usually require high doses of at least 50mg daily which makes it very expensive for them. Many therefore prefer other steroids like Dbol, which have better effects on men.

The only advantage Anavar has on men is that it helps them build lean muscle mass because it does not cause water retention. Therefore, even when combined with other steroids, a male athlete will still retain lean muscle mass when off cycling as a result of using Anavar.

Anavar and women

Anavar is for women what testosterone is for men. This means that it is very effective when used by female athletes that it has been dubbed the official steroid for women. Generally, a woman would only need a dose of about 20mg a day to experience good gains even with an Anavar only cycle.

Additionally, the fact that it has very low androgenic properties means that it is not as hard on women as other steroids, and they will experience minimal side effects when using Anavar.
Anavar is also effective for a cutting cycle because it enhances burning of body fats as an energy source while at the same time retaining lean muscle mass.

Where to buy and its Legality

Unfortunately, Anavar is classified as a controlled substance in the US and the UK thus making it illegal. It is, however, available as a prescription drug and can be purchased legally if you have a prescription from a certified physician. It can only be bought from a pharmacy though.
For bodybuilders and athletes who want to cycle on Anavar, this makes it almost impossible to have. However, this difficulty is removed with the availability of the drug from online merchants.

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